Bible Studies

We learn from one another. 

At least, that’s what we think at Trinity Church Boston. That’s why we instituted a Bible Study program that meets you where you are—right in your own backyard. Because so many Trinity parishioners reside in a variety of metropolitan Boston neighborhoods, we offer Neighborhood Bible Study groups at a host of locations during the week during the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. Led by trained facilitators, all the study groups focus on the same material on a weekly basis, though meeting times may vary from group to group. If you would like to find out more and possibly join a group, please contact our Minister of Welcome and Growth

Bible study small groups explore topics such as:

  • The life and impact of Jesus: Who was Jesus? And who is he for us today?

  • The four Gospels and their distinctive portraits of Jesus.

  • What makes the Gospel good news?

  • Parables: Portrayals of what it’s like when God’s way is lived.

  • The mysteries of miracles, healings, and demons.

  • Jesus as teacher, rabbi, messiah, savior, Son of Man, Son of God.

  • Jesus’ ministry among the lost and the least.

  • How the disciples formed the Church.

  • Paul’s life and ministry and its impact on shaping Christian faith.

  • How to read Scripture from the perspective of “underdogs” and the “Two-Thirds” World.

We believe that taking this journey of study together not only deepens our spiritual life on a personal level, but also deepens our collective spiritual life in community.

Lay Leader:  Kristin Filipic


Bible Study Schedule 2017-2018

Session 1: Week of Sept. 24 - Week of Nov. 12
Session 2: Week of Jan. 28 - Week of March 18
Session 3: Week of Apr. 8 - Week of May 20



Bible Forum Series

In 2013-2014 and again in 2015-2016, the Rev. Bill Rich prepared a multi-faceted “A Year of the Bible” Forum Series based on the Old Testament during the first year and New Testament during the second. Videos of these weekly presentations, as well as acccompanying weekly readings and study guides, including artwork and musical compositions reflective of each week’s subject matter or theme, are available on our blog "Going Deeper."



The Via Dolorosa, the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Olives, and Temple Mount—every other year, a Trinity Church Boston clergy member leads a 10-day trip to the Holy Land!

The annual Anne Berry Bonnyman Symposium is a living platform for addressing systemic racism in our church and community.