Serve at Trinity

Consider yourself invited! There is no better way to engage in our community than by volunteering to serve in worship, pastoral care, or on a committee—or all of them. Very little at Trinity would happen without the participation of parishioners!

Please click here if you have any interest in singing with our choirs.

The Altar Guild is responsible for the care of the altar and its furnishings, and for all the preparations of the sanctuary for worship.

Following completion of our training program, Lay Eucharistic Ministers assist with the celebration of the Eucharist, particularly with serving the chalice at the altar rail.

Trinity Eucharistic Visitors also visit and offer the Sacrament to residents of Hale House, a community of elders located within walking distance of the church.

Lectors read the lessons and lead the prayers at public services.

Help us maintain a welcoming, safe, and meaningful worship environment.

Youth interested in learning about the liturgical life of Trinity Church Boston are invited into the Acolyte program.

 The Robert Treat Paine Society is a band of dedicated volunteers who care for the Trinity sanctuary.