O nata lux - Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585)


O nata lux de lumine, Jesu redemptor saeculi,

Dignare clemens supplicum laudes precesque sumere.

Qui carne quondam contegi dignatus es pro perditis

Nos membra confer effici Tui beati corporis.


O Light born of Light, Jesus, redeemer of the world,

mercifully deign to accept the praises and prayers of your suppliants.

O you who once deigned to be hidden in flesh on behalf of the lost,

grant us to be made members of your blessed body.


Text: from ‘Cantiones Sacrae’ 1575


A babe is born - Edgar Bainton (1880-1956)


A babe is born I wys,

This world to joy and bliss,

His joy shall never fade and miss,

And Jesus is his name.

On Christmas day at morn,

This little child was born

To save us all that were forlorn,

And Jesus is his name.

On Good Friday so soon

To death He was all done,

Betwixt the time of morn and noon,

And Jesus is his name.

On Easter Day so swythe

He rose from death to life

To make us all both glad and blithe,

And Jesus is His name.

And on Ascension Day

To heaven He took His way,

There to abide for aye and aye,

And Jesus is His name.


Text: English carol, 15th century



O nata lux - Thomas Tallis 

The Three Kings - Peter Cornelius (1824 – 1874)


Three Kings from Persian lands afar

to Jordan follow the pointing star:

and this the quest of the travellers three,

where the new-born King of the Jews may be.

Full royal gifts they bear for the King;

Gold, incense, myrrh are their offering.


The star shines out with a steadfast ray;

the kings to Bethlehem make their way,

and there in worship they bend the knee,

as Mary’s child in her lap they see;

their royal gifts they show to the King;

gold, incense, myrrh are their offering.


Thou child of man, lo, to Bethlehem

the Kings are travelling, travel with them!

The star of mercy, the star of grace,

shall lead thy heart to its resting place.

Gold, incense, myrrh thou canst not bring;

offer thy heart to the infant King.


How brightly shines the morning star!

With grace and truth from heaven afar

our Jesse tree now bloweth.

Of Jacob’s stem and David’s line,

for thee, my Bridegroom, King divine,

my soul with love o’erfloweth.

Thy word, Jesu, inly feeds us,

rightly leads us, life bestowing.

Praise, O praise such love o’erflowing.


Text:  Peter Cornelius (1824 – 1874)