Myn Lyking -  R.R. Terry (1865-1938)


I saw a fair mayden sytten and sing.

She lulled a lyttel childe, a swete Lording.


Refrain: Lullay myn lyking, my dere sonne, my sweetling.

Lullay my dere herte, myn own dere derling.


That same Lord is he that made alle thing;

Of alle lordis he is Lord, of alle kynges Kyng.


There was mickle melody at that chylde's birth.

All that were in heuenly blisse they made mickle mirth.


Aungels bright sang their song to that chylde,

Blyssid be thou and so be sche so meke and so milde.


Text: 15th century


Quem pastores - arr. John Rutter (b.1945)


Shepherds left their flocks a-straying,

God's command with joy obeying,

When they heard the angel saying:

"Christ is born in Bethlehem."


Wise Men came from far, and saw him"

Knelt in homage to adore him;

Precious gifts they laid before him:

Gold and frankincense and myrrh.


Let us now in every nation

Sing his praise with exultation.

All the world shall find salvation

In the birth of Mary's Son.


Text: 14th century



Myn Lyking - R.R. Terry

Quem pastores - arr. John Rutter


There is no rose - Anonymous


There is no rose of such virtue

as is the rose that bare Jesu: Alleluia.


For in this rose contained was

heaven and earth in little space: Res miranda.


By that rose we may well see

there be one God in persons three: Pares forma.


Then leave we all this worldly mirth

and follow we this joyous birth: Transeamus.


res miranda = marvelous thing!

pares forma = of equal form

gaudeamus = let us rejoice!

Transeamus = let us go across! (from worldly to heavenly things)


Text: Anonymous, 15th century


Quem pastores - arr. John Rutter