Peter Renner

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is led by two co-chairs, who are appointed by the Rector and/or Vestry. Current co-chairs are: Christopher Allen (’18) and Libby Roberts (’20). Committee members are invited to join the committee by the co-chairs. Members serve a four-year term, with new members joining following the parish’s Annual Meeting in the spring. Look for Stewardship Committee members wearing a blue stewardship name button on Sundays.

Current members include: Melinda Berry (’18) • Laurie Buchta (’20) • Pamela Galgay (’18) • John Glass (’17) • Judith Hurley (’19) • Jerry Jennings (’17) • Barr Keener (’18) • Mark King (’18) • Cynthia Mackey (’19) • Scott McIntyre (’17) • Garrett Powell (’18) • Peter Renner (’17) • Kathy Sheehan (’17)

Mary Davenport Davis


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