Are you curious to explore the mystery of God and the generous Christianity we practice here at Trinity? Come join us for the Inquirers' Class. This class will help you journey more deeply into God, Jesus, the Bible, the Church, and things that matter. The class invites your questions about faith, and is created for all seekers - those who know absolutely nothing, those who have been church-damaged, or those who haven't examined their faith in a long time.

Whether you're new to Trinity and Christian faith, or have been a lifelong Episcopalian, this class may be just right for you. Last year, various students said this class was: "Fun!" "Engaging and thought-provoking" "A class with no judgments" "A class of immense impact—it has allowed me to move closer into a relationship with God that feels freeing."
The class meets at Trinity on Sunday mornings as well as one Saturday at a beautiful spirituality center. In lectures and small group discussions led by trained facilitators, we will explore the basics of the Christian faith as it is lived out at Trinity. We will share meals together, pray together, and get to know one another and the community here at Trinity better as we journey more deeply into life in Christ.
The lectures are given by Bill Rich, the Senior Associate for Christian Formation.  For more information, contact a Lay Coordinator of Inquirers' Ruth Knopf, 617-426-7716.

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Justin Carl

Brandon Green

Where were you born?

Houston, Texas

Where do you live now?

Boston (Dorchester), MA

How long have you been at Trinity?

Almost 6 years