The Word Is Very Near You: Encountering the Risen Christ (With the Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold)

Date: May 14, 2017
10:15 am to 11:00 am

“The word is very near is in your heart ready to be kept”


The Spirit “speaks” for the risen Christ in many ways using enticement and surprise, as well as stealth and the seemingly mundane. How do the patterns and practices of word and sacrament help us claim and live more fully the scripture of our own lives in a frantic and fractured world?

The Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold, former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (1998-2006), will lead us in an exploration of these questions. Since his term as Presiding Bishop, he has continued a ministry of teaching, preaching, writing, lecturing and leading retreats, nationally and internationally. His books include Going Home: An Invitation to Jubilee and Praying our Days: A Guide and Companion.

Bishop Griswold’s talk is part of the Price Lecture series.